Super Mob Wars!

SMW is a very unique KitPVP server that the setup is very compatible

for the users experience. We have spend a lot of mind-breaking hard work to create

the server that way. the way that the player can experience almost all usage of the server

The server is offering a customized kits with challenges, events, effect and sounds, Hence its enough

to be only 2 players online to have a lot of fun gaming!

We are live show! - The server have every Day, Week and Month, new events and updates added

for the users full experience. Moreover, The players opinions can change the game rules! We offer

a forum site so players can post their ideas to improve the server and-or add new kits, effect, sounds, arenas

and plenty of options we make!

We support Youtubers! - The staff team supports and offering a good respective place for youtubers!

BUT, for that there are some instruction to get to that place:

- Youtuber must have a good stable subscribers base (least 300)

That's it! simple no?

The youtubers will get a [YouTuber] rank with the permissions:

FLY - The fly option will only be allowed to shoot the server from above!

VANISH - The vanish option to shoot fights from close range

GOD MODE- The God mode option will be allowed only to prevent the players from hitting you while you shooting the fights 

or the arena

Double coins & experience - As a reward for advertising our server! (Its helping us a lot)

With all that responsability:

(!) If one of the abilities given will have usage of abusive acts such as

using the god-mode for in-game (considered as a cheat!) or flying in combat

Or any other usage that not for shooting purpose, The player will be immediately banned! 


1. If you having any trouble - Post your trouble on the improvement page and the request will be dealt within

3-6 days!

2. When purchasing packages on store, Before purchase please read all the descriptions and warning so

you will be informed fully about the package and what to do after purchasing - This to prevent

unnecessary problems!

3. The server is developing every-day! please be sure you informed always about the changes and the

server's development, You will be asked about your opinion about the changes so if you do not do it

you might not like the change, This is very important to us and the users!

4. For donors - If you having any commands problems its probably because you didn't red the descriptions

of your package! everything is explained!

5. Enough reading - Join the blood bath!

With all love - SMW staff <3

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