14.99 USD


Purchase this EXTENDED package to expand your mob selection!

each mob has its own abilities and power-up! included FLY!


Available mobs:

- Shadow

- Zombie pig-man

- Witch

- Villager

- Skeleton

- Ender-man

- Magma cube

- Guardian

- Zombie pig-man archer


Get granted with money:

- receive $100,000 in-game cash to purchase custom kits


Have particle effects!

- you can get access to all particle effects and styles!

- You can modify as many particles as you want including when you hit

- Or get struck shoot an arrow and much more!

- use the in-game command /pp


Get a unique sound and title when joining!

- One of our favorite accessories that this package grants you

- is the attention..!

- Every-time you join the server a title will pop-up to everyone

- notifying that you have joined the server and it comes

- with a very cool and dominant sound!

- let everyone know who they dealing with!


Custom chat colors!

- isolate your chat color from other so yours will be the most

- visible chat color in-game

- you can choose any color you want and any style!

- we just warning.. the design of your chat is up to you..

- too many effects and colors maybe very confusing (and ugly)


Extra in-game commands & Accessories:

- /nick : modify your nick name!

- EXTENDED rank tag above your name and tab!

- Ability to join in the server even when full!

- Ability to Double JUMP!!!


Anti-cheat detector:

Have the ability to get Trusted anti-cheat detector

to follow the hackers! you'll get granted by:

- /kick (To kick the players)

- /warn (Warn the players who hacking)

- /note (Report a note for staff to have a close eye on hackers)

- /mute (to mute advertisers)

More over, Get immune to all of the above!

which means, can't be kicked, muted, warned or noted


Don't get confused.

all of the above are not the only things you get by purchasing this package.

remember that the server is evolving - updates and new stuff coming up

almost every week, be sure to be notified :)




last few things.

When purchasing this kit it may take a while for you subscription to get approved so 

you won't see your rank or rewards instantly, please be patient!

If you having a trouble with one of the subjects above, don't hesitate to bother the staff!

it is very important to us that you will be pleased with our offers as soon as possible!

There's no refunds after purchasing any of our packages!

moreover we are not responsible for kids under 18 that purchasing our packages without

parents permission so please read all the information and think about your purchase!

lets avoid  unnecessary conflicts!

No power abusing!

Once you purchase this kit, You have the responsibility to use your granted

Power/Commands only for a good purpose! Power abusing will lead

to a punishment which included by taking away the rank with no refunds so

please use your head!

One last thing!

Thank you for playing and supporting our work!

SMW Team